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QuantMig outputs include all public deliverables of the project, links to any academic publications produced by the team based on the project work, as well as policy and other briefing papers, which we will be successively added as the project progresses.

All project deliverables are available for download from the links below.

  D1.1 Uncertain Migration Futures

  D1.2 Translating migration theory into empirical propositions

  D1.3 Migration Decision-Making and its key Dimensions

  D1.4 Theorising the interaction between migration-relevant policies and migration driver environments

  D2.1 Survey instruments and survey data on migration aspirations

  D2.2 Systematic review of determinants of migration aspirations

  D2.3 The emigration decision process - Foundations for modelling

  D3.2 Brexit uncertainty and UK migration: Should I go?

  D3.3 Natives' Attitudes and Immigration Flows to Europe

  D4.1 QuantMig Migration Data Inventory: Documentation

  D4.1 QuantMig Migration Data Inventory: Webinar Presentation 28 May 2021

  D4.2 Intra-EU Migration 2010-2020

  D5.2 Spatial and categorical dependence of European migration flows

  D6.1 Expert opinion on migration data

  D6.2 Quality assessment of European migration data

  D7.1 The use of migration scenarios in future characterisations: A systematic review and typology

  D9.1 Conceptualisation and Analysis of Migration Uncertainty: Insights from Macroeconomics

  D9.2 Uncertainty in Migration Scenarios

  D11.1 First Policy Brief: Output from 1st policy expert meeting

  D11.2 First Technical Webinar

This work has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 870299 QuantMig: Quantifying Migration Scenarios for Better Policy. This document reflects the authors'view and the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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